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As a Certified Sexologist, I am here to promote the importance of Sexual Wellness in your overall health. From something as small as re-imagining your sex life to sexual dysfunction, I can guide you through it all.

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6 reviews
  • Ken Jay (Y Not Us Podcast)·

    Coach Catasha's vibe is one of a kind & she definitely knows her work. She puts a comical spin on her interview and makes her audience comfortable to ask those difficult questions. Coach Catasha is dope AF.

  • Ken Jay (Y Not Us Podcast)·

    Listen Coach Catasha is like hella dope. Her energy is amazing and so you feel comfortable with her from the gate. Listen we learned so much from having her on the platform. She educated us on the questions that a lot of people might of been wondering. Listen my cousin already want you back!!! Thank you for coming through to the platform. Coach Catasha you are always welcome to Y Not Us Podcast. Preciate You!

  • The Rose Room·

    This was an amazing experience and we at The Rose 🌹 Room Podcast were just little sponges with all the good info Catasha was giving us. For sure one we will have again and again. Please do yourself a favor and book her for all your sexual questions, comments, and concerns and she will lead you in the right direction. Pick up her books as well. Your amazing babes.
    -The Rose 🌹 Room.

  • Chania Stevenson·

    Everything was Amazing! Very educational! Will book again

  • ImAlways April·

    So some will shy away from posts like this which is cool… its your L to hold.

    With that being said… my best friend is a sexual education coach. I say that not to brag but as a preface to this GLOWING RECOMMENDATION!

    I got married out of high school so I didn’t have much experience sexually with multiple people. (This may be TMI but stick with me) Fast forward a bunch of years… I’m now going through the process of getting divorced.🤷🏽‍♀️ I have had AMPLE experience with my spouse, (obviously) but… ya know 🤔 ...What if? What if sex isn’t the same with others? How can I perfect the things I know how to do well? What DON’T I know? “Sooo, I seen this thing I want to try but I’m not quite sure…” (you get where I’m going here) I’m naturally a pleaser, (again TMI but…🤷🏽‍♀️) if you’re like me, these are questions that go through your mind at some point and if not, you probably need these classes more then others and uh... well... you should definitely work on that… just selfish 🤣😭

    Anyway, we ask our friends these questions (I DARE YOU TO LIE😒) and sometimes share details, but if we are being honest, what do they really know?

    What if you could talk to someone who was actual CERTIFICATED, someone who had knowledge from the hundreds of men and women she spoke to on THIS particular subject…. AND you didn’t have to smash anyone to get the answer? To me this is a no brainer!! (Giggity😂) Listen, I already felt like I was the ish 😈 but I paid for an hr session to ask a professional all the questions I could think of and MOST IMPORTANTLY she gave me information I didn’t even think to ask! 🙌🏾 Most of y’all have asked her questions for years for free but as soon as she studied, got certified and started charging y’all faded to black…. but y’all still got these same questions though.

    Listen do yourself and your partner a favor and skip drive thru today… or use some of that Stimmy money to go register for a membership its only 10 bucks for a MONTH! She has so many videos up already. It was only $25 bucks for an HOUR session. Honestly, for all the work she puts in she should be charging WAY more, but she geninuely wants to help people and remove this negative stigmatism attached to sex. It’s so dumb to me! We are all FU{%#*! and the ones that aren’t wish they were and\or are trying to! Im just saying, there is no reason you should be ashamed to ask questions about sex WE GROWN AF!!

    I go to a doctor when Im sick. I take my car to a mechanic when its not working properly. Why wouldn’t you talk to someone confidentially about your sex life and ask all the things you’ve wondered but never voiced aloud? IDK about you but Im trying to be the best version of myself in all things and that doesn’t stop at sex. Sex is meant to be fun and freeing at least if done properly 😜

    Hats off to your own personal toe curling experiences!

  • Shaquilla Willis·

    Listen.. This session was exactly what I needed to help move the mental out of the way of fully enjoying sex regularly. I needed to learn how to disconnect what's distracting me from connecting with my partner and refocus that energy into creating a new sense of intimacy that I had all but said "oh well" too. We were able to have an honest and open dialog that was effortless, especially considering the topics we discussed. There is no judgement, only relatable, executable tips and techniques to help you "Go get" whatever it is you've been missin. WHATEVER IT IS hunny :). Catasha keeps you honest about what it is that YOU need but doesn't project anything onto you. It's just perfect. This session is about YOU and your needs and she reminds you to refocus that OFTEN so we don't get lost in what we think we're supposed to be feeling and just get lost in self. It was an amazing session. Simply.. amazing.